Permaboot - A permanent solution to the #1 source of roof leaks

The #1 cause of roof leaks is the worn vent pipe boot. Vent pipes are a necessary part of your plumbing system, allowing your sink to drain and your toilet to flush. The vents are installed by penetrating through the roof, and they require a pipe boot to seal around that opening.

Changing weather conditions, wind, snow, and ice, and simple age can lead to the eventual failure of these rubber boots. The one culprit that really shortens the life of a rubber boot, however, is the sun itself. UV rays cause the rubber to dry out and eventually crack, which can lead to a failure of the seal.


A permaboot covers the rubber gasket of the pipe, protecting it from the UV rays that dry it out and cause it to wear and fail.Unlike rubber vent boots, it’s made from silica, which is derived from regular old sand. It works on any roof pitch from 3/12 to 12/12, and is easy to install.

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