The Benefits Of Using A Roofing Equipter

What is a roofing equipter and why do we use one?

If you’ve had a roofing company in your Vernon neighborhood, you know just how messy the site can get. As roofers are tearing off old shingles and replacing them with new ones, there is a lot of debris that gets strewn about.

At the end of the day, you might have a fantastic roof, but many companies seem to leave the mess they made, or simply don’t do a great job of leaving your property better than they found it.

This is unfortunate, but this is not uncommon. It’s frustrating to be that homeowner that invests a good deal of money into a new roof, only to have to clean up the mess they left behind.

When you partner with Conventional Builders in Vernon, this is not how we do things, and we take cleaning up very seriously by incorporating a roofing equipter into every project we complete. Learn more about what a roofing equipter is and why we use one in today’s post.

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Don’t Hire A Roofing Company That Doesn’t Clean Up!

Before you hire a roofing company, feel them out a bit. While an affordable price is always the most important concern, sometimes the lowest bid can give you the biggest headache. In the roofing industry, more often than not, you get what you pay for.

If you’re ready to pay an extremely low price, expect bottom-grade materials and cheap labor. These are the companies that move from job to job and don’t clean up the job site.

The best thing you can do is call up the company and ask them how they handle debris from the roofing project. If it’s a company worth hiring, they won’t skip a beat and tell you exactly what they do.

From cleaning up their trash to using magnets to gather any loose nails, sometimes you just have to ask!

What Is A Roofing Equipter?

A roofing equipter is an innovative piece of roofing equipment that allows roofers to clean up the job site as they go. While there are different types, Conventional Builders uses an equipter that is essentially a dumpster on wheels.

The equipter easily moves from job site to job site and allows easy access to an on-site dumpster, which can then be transported to the dump by the roofing company — the homeowners never have to scramble to clean up their yard after a project!

Why Conventional Builders Use An Equipter

A roofing equipter is beneficial for both the homeowner and the roofing company, and is a piece of equipment that should be the standard for all roofing contractors!

Limits Debris

Tearing off shingles is where most of the debris results from. On a traditional site, contractors will rip and drop, leaving the shingles to fall all over the yard. Not only does this make a quick mess, but it can also be a safety hazard for anyone who is walking in the area.

The roofing equipter has a lift with access up to 12 feet high, so while roofers tear shingles, they can easily dump these materials into the equipter as they go — no mess and no falling debris!

Yard Protection

As a homeowner, it can be nerve-racking watching an inexperienced crew damage the landscaping you’ve spent so much time cultivating. From dropping debris on your prized roses to walking through just about everything and anything in your yard, it’s extremely frustrating and costly.

A roofing equipter protects your landscaping from any falling debris, and even though it’s on wheels, it was designed to safely maneuver the job site and protect the lawn without causing damage.

Taking it one step further, we’ll always cover any plants with tarps or plywood to further protect your landscaping.

Reduces A High-Traffic Area

In traditional roofing, contractors will tear off the shingles, and then collect it in wheelbarrows at the end. Even just a couple of wheelbarrows can be a disaster to your yard, creating a high-traffic area of going back and forth collecting debris and then loading it up on a trailer.

A roofing equipter removes this step, eliminating all the extra time and labor. When the equipter is full, a crew member can drive it to the dumpster and quickly dump it.

With Quality Work Comes Quality Equipment!

When it comes to your Vernon roof, there is no choice other than Conventional Builders! Not only do we use top-grade materials, but our workmanship is unrivaled! There are many reasons why we’re the top local roofing company, and the roofing equipter is just one part!

Forget messy job sites and contractors who leave debris in their wake — Conventional Builders cleans as we go while preserving your landscaping and keeping a safe and secure environment.

For an amazing new roof with the equipment and techniques that make the difference, schedule with Conventional Builders today!