The No-Pressure New Roof

Take your time when it comes to installing a new roof.

Much of being a homeowner is lost in the weekend to-do lists and keeping up with the weekly chores that keep your home in tip-top shape, so when a renovation comes along, it can be exciting!

While home improvement projects are an investment and spending the money can cause a bit of anxiety on large projects, diving into picking out colors and finding a material you love can be fun — it beats raking leaves or cleaning your gutters!

At Conventional Builders in Vernon, we are your local roofing contractors that specialize in new roofs! Explore more about the importance of taking your time when planning a new roof renovation in today’s post.


The All Or Something Approach

When Vernon gets a hint of warm weather and the green grass begins to emerge, home improvement season is in full effect, and planning a roof is perfect for the spring or summer. And as much as we all love to jump into a project, it’s important to hit pause and take your time when planning a new roof installation — if it can wait.

The most important aspect of the all-or-something approach when it comes to a new roof is that when you take your time to tackle it in phases, you don’t run into issues — or a hefty price tag — later.

Sure, many homeowners love to expedite the process because it’s completed in record time, but this approach could lead to issues down the road.

What happens when a new roof is rushed? When a new roof is rushed, it leaves room for error — things get missed or overlooked which can impact its effectiveness, and things may not get done properly.

Choosing The Wrong Roofing Contractor

When jumping right into a new roof, homeowners almost always hire the first roofing contractor with a competitive price. But, this is where hitting pause is vital to the success and performance of a new roof — choosing the right roofing contractor is crucial.

To avoid hiring the first roofer that rolls in, do some research and get at least three or four quotes before committing. Checking credentials and licensing is also a great place to start.

At Conventional Builders, not only do we have a five-star Google rating, but we’re also GAF Certified, accredited with the BBB, and hold the Osha 10-Hour Construction Safety Course certification.

Workmanship May Be Compromised

There is no doubt that skilled and experienced roofers are efficient, however, working with a roofing contractor who doesn’t prioritize quality, can impact the overall results of your new roof.

Rushing into hiring the first contractor you find may mean they’re cutting corners and not delivering the best technique, leaving the consequences on you.

Choosing The Wrong Roofing Material

Oftentimes saving money means skipping the roofing materials that make the difference. New roofs are expensive, but the initial upfront cost will save you over the years — you’ll benefit from high-quality materials that last much longer than the cheap options.

At the end of the day, no one wants to get a new roof and then have to do it all over again a few years later. Instead, choose better roofing materials.

Conventional Builders use a variety of roofing materials — from asphalt shingles to metal roofs — that work with any budget without having to compromise on quality.

Undue Stress

Many times homeowners rush into a home improvement project to alleviate the stress, but when you bypass proper planning and lack attention to detail, this is going to pile on the stress and anxiety you were looking to avoid.

Do yourself a favor and gain peace of mind when you take your time and plan for a new roof.

Plan Your New Roof

If you can delay your new roof and take the time to prepare for this lofty project, it will benefit you in the end.

From working with a roofing contractor you love that delivers in performance and high-quality workmanship to a roof that withstands the Vernon elements and lasts decades down the line, taking the time to prepare avoids mistakes that can easily be made in a hurry.

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We take an efficient, yet methodical approach to roofing, to provide homeowners with a roof that stuns and one that stands the test of time. From a metal roof to a cedar shake or slate roof, we offer a variety of materials that perfectly match your home and curb appeal style.

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